Why use QSE shock frozen milk and dairy product calibration samples?


  • Shock frozen samples are suitable for use on Foss, Bentley and Delta Fourier Transform and filter MIR milk analysers
  • Shock frozen samples contain no preservatives:
    • Directly comparable with milk quality payment samples
    • No need to calibrate for the effect of preservatives on infrared analysers
  • Shock frozen samples are immediately available from your freezer
    • Instrument hiccough – need to check? Have calibration samples instantly available
    • Routine service – book a service knowing you will have calibration samples available
    • Instrument breakdown – have calibration samples available at time of repair
    • No need to wait for next day shipment
    • No need to pay for a next day shipment
  • Shock frozen samples have long term stability
    • Stable for use up to 3 years from the date of manufacture
    • Suitable for use with Control Charts over long periods of time
    • Change of calibration philosophy – only calibrate when necessary
    • Reproducible results across different locations

               Used by National Milk Laboratories


               Used by National milk Records


                Used by CIS The Cattle Information Service